Wednesday, July 13, 2016

walking fools

ryan and i riding metro bike share on main and 3rd

i am not a los angeles native
i've been living here for 3 1/2 years and i've never driven in los angeles
i don't even have a license!
ryan and i live a car free life in this"car-centric city"
when i tell people (who are not city planners) that we don't drive everywhere, they usually think we are either weird or crazy... what does that mean? i am not sure
but i think i am neither
i just prefer to use transit, walk or ride my bike... and sometimes uber, which i must admit saves ryan a lot of tired/drunk sofi fuss :)

recently, i read an article on a blog (that i thought was amazing; however after the article, not so sure) about this woman who "tried"walking in los angeles for a week. i say "tried" because what i read was that she just mostly rode in her friends cars (and uber) and hardly talked about what she saw while walking. her conclusion was even: "a person really cannot get around by foot in this city."

the article was very disappointing. however what really make me upset were the people's comments. i will only refer to one as i think it kinda sums up how i feel that all people think about this city
in response to riding transit she said "...sure there are old people/ poor people and you do get the odd homeless person but I really don't think about such things too much..."
excuse me but this to me is... i don't know how to put it... but what makes her think that she is better than the old/poor people?
the thing is that i feel like that is one reason why people don't walk or take transit... they think they are better than everybody else because they are in their car... being in a bus full of dirty poor people is too much to bear.
it makes me sad.

anyway this blog will be like a little journal in which i will share our experiences, our adventures, our everyday lives. ryan and i pretty much walk everywhere. if we can't walk there we will ride transit or take our bikes, but i'm kinda lazy about the last one and as you can guess (being such a car loving city) riding our bikes sometimes feels unsafe, however i see a change coming. hopefully in the future more people understand that a city with less cars and more bike paths and transit is not a city of poor people... but happier ones.