Tuesday, May 16, 2017

our walk to work

we walked to work today
we haven't done that in a while.
our place is 3.8 miles (according to google maps) from my office
and although the route we take is not the prettiest to walk to,
it is the fastest so that is why we always take it
we do go through echo park lake which i love so much
 here are a few of other interesting things i saw while on our way to dtla

dtla skyline from the park

an abandoned skate board 

a pretty wall 

this newish art on the wall of the bob baker theater 

we passed the vista hermosa park another of my favorites that i never go to :( 

the only flowers i saw on the way 

and then we decided to get a bike to be a little faster because we didn't leave home on time 

i got a fitbit for my birthday and then surprised ryan with this gem
which i found at one of my favorite vintage/gift shops in dtla
it is a walk-a-matic pedometer it measures your walked miles!  

after we left the bikes ryan went to his office, i still had a few blocks 

made it safe and sound! it was a gloomy day (still had some sunshine and got hot at times)
but it was perfect weather for a walk to work!