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take me out to the ballgame *stress free*

i really think the only reason why ryan decided to look for an apartment in echo park was because he wanted to be close to the dodger stadium... well maybe not the only reason, but i can bet anything it was a strong one.
now we don't live in echo park anymore (however we couldn't move too far from it, only a few miles away in silverlake) in any case we are still very close to the stadium and we do go a few games each season. i am not a baseball fan, even though i grew up watching it. the mexico part where i am from does not do soccer, i know shocking. to be honest i am not fan of any sport, but i do enjoy going to the games, i like to drink the super expensive beer, people watch and have a crappy but delicious veggie dog.
if you have been to a dodger game (or live in the area for that matter) you know how bad traffic gets. sunset gets crazy and just going up the now called vin scully ave. is a nightmare. driving your car to a game is a no no and not only getting there is the problem, but trying to get out of it! it is much easier / faster to walk out than to drive out.
since we don't have a car, that is never an issue for us.
i wanted to write about our way of transportation to one of the most iconic things to do in los angeles,: getting to a dodger game
to me this is the best way, it is stress free and fun and also great for people who are visiting. nobody has time to waste stuck in traffic!
as this was a week day we went from work to the stadium.
fastest way? bike share
my lame attempt to take a selfie while riding the bikes... you can't even see them lol
from the bike share station on 7th and main we rode the bikes all the way to union station where we parked our bikes and were not worried about what to do with our bikes. see? win win!
then we walked towards the dodger stadium express pick up spot and caught our beautiful orange bus that took us all the way there, non stop, preferred lane on sunset, yes that means  you will get there faster than the cars... :)
this is a free service and i love it!
ryan prefers to bike all the way on our own bikes. but that vin scully hill man, that hill gets me. i can't do it i have to dismount every time, every time! so yes it is 1000 times better to fly down on the way out and see all the cars just stopped there while you are way faster on your tiny bike.
but i'm not going to lie, still prefer to be driven up the hill on the bus. sorry ryan.

and there you have it
the wonderful view of this all american game without any stress about leaving early (if you've been there you know everybody leaves before to "beat" the traffic) without any delays, you will be there on time, happy and ready to eat and drink all you want! and also enjoy the game if you are into that sort of thing.


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