Wednesday, August 3, 2016

we go places

we usually try to stay in our triangle area. we like to go places between home and our work offices (home being silverlake, work being DTLA)
the reason i prefer to stay close to the neighborhoods we work and live is because los angeles is a very sprawling city and with that comes traffic... so yes it's hard to visit all and try to keep yourself sane. so i rather not push myself too much. however once in awhile we do venture a little further.
a few weekends ago we went to north hollywood. our beautiful friend Hillary was having her short film premiered at the california women's festival. we were so excited for her and we couldn't miss it.
so of course we rode the bus to our nearest red line station and took the train all the way there. we hopped off one stop before to go to this restaurant i have been dying to try and then took a bus to north hollywood to watch the show. on our way back the whole party (Hillary, her fiance and all her friends) took the red line to 7th station and we went to public school to celebrate!
on rides like this that are longer than our usual commute we bring our books or just enjoy the ride, specially on sunday afternoon when we don't have to rush
the magic of using transit is that even when traffic is bad you never feel stressed out, you can focus on other things or use your time more efficiently, doing things like reading or using your phone.
i have to admit that if we had to drive all the places we go, we probably wouldn't make it to half of them. so thank goodness for transit!

our delicious food from suncafe

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