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sunny days

where i live we have many sunny days
sometimes even if the day starts gloomy, by noon the sun will come out to greet us
i feel very lucky to live in a place like this where the weather is always allowing us to go about our day in good spirits. it does get hot, but i am very used to hot weather and i actually prefer it over cold
sun on my skin always make me feel like everything is possible and so a few days ago when we were relishing a sunny saturday morning, ry and i decided to take a neighborhood hike
in our walks we take advantage of our time and destination and always include errands, this time i had to drop off a dvd at edendale library and after that we wanted to go try a new cream ale at frog town brewery because of the initial stop being in echo park we decided to explore the stairs in that neighborhood and we followed a "trail" from this book

we used to live in echo park but moved to silver lake about 5 years ago. i used to walk around all over the neighborhood and went several times to elysian park but i had never been in the streets we discovered in our walk!
that made me think you can always discover something new about the neighborhoods you think you know, that is why urban hikes are so awesome, there is so much to see!
we had a great walk, the weather was great... a bit too hot for ry's taste but after all that walking we were rewarded with a super cold and delicious beer. it was totally worth it!


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